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  • On The Road is currently filming the sequal to Hexe Lilli for Blue Eyes Films, Germany. This childrens fantasy adventure film is being released by Disney and is filming between Germany and India. Locations in India include Jodhur and Jaisalmer.

  • On The Road completed filming of Peter Weir's The Way Back a fact based story about soldiers who escape from a Siberian Gulag in 1940. The film stars Colin Farrel, Ed Harris and Jim Sturgess and was shot between Bulgaria, Morocco and Darjeeling, India. On The Road handled the India schedule of the shoot for Spitfire Pictures and producer Duncan Hendersen.

  • On The Road is handling Samsara by Magidson Films Los Angeles. Samsara is a 70mm documentary by Ron Fricke [Baraka (1992), Chronos (1985)] shooting in locations accross India including Leh(Ladakh), Delhi & Mumbai.

  • On The Road is facilitating the Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones action adventure feature project directed by Phil Joanou. The project is scheduled to start in January 2009. Further developments on this project will be made available in the coming months.

  • In May 2008 Kundalini Pictures shot 4 Scenes Directed by Digvijay Singh. The film was shot in locations in downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood, California. 4 Scenes are film excerpts from the movie, 7 Conversations & 7 Deaths being developed by Kundalini Pictures. The feature is anticiapted to start mid 2009.

  • NOKIA "The Big We" shoots in Mumbai during May/June 2008. The agency Wieden Kennedy and Proof Films New York hired On The Road as their production service partner in India. The campaign was shot in locations throughout Mumbai.

  • NOKIA "Stingray" Campaign was filmed in Mumbai during April 2008. Photo Producers Netherlands, hired On The Road as production service partner to film in locations around Mumbai.

  • Shantaram has been postponed due to last years WGA 'writers strike'. On The Road continues to be engaged on the project however no indication of the new start date is made available by the studio. Keep a watch for further developments on the Warner Bros. Johnny Depp project.

  • Warner Bros. International hosted the premiere of the German biopic feature Eight Miles High in Munich January 2007. The film releases in theatres accross Europe in February 2008 and August 2008 in the United States. The film is based on the life of 70's supermodel Uschi Obermeier. The production was handled by On The Road India's Dileep Singh Rathore & Emmanuel Pappas.

  • The On The Road produced feature Return To Rajapur was acquired by Arclight Films and premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, April 2006.
  • OTR completed production on the German biopic feature Eight Miles High, the film is based on the life of 70's supermodel Uschi Obermeier and will release late 2006 by Warner Bros. International.

  • The team behind the project Shantaram (directed by Peter Weir, will star Johnny Depp) visited India to scout locations for the film. The recce was handled by OTR Productions.

  • On The Road was featured in industry trade magazine Screen International's special issue on feature production in India at the 2005 AFM.

  • On The Road's founder and Producer Dileep Singh Rathore was invited to speak at the American Film Market panel entitled, INDIA: The New Frontier for International Productions presented by ARRI Film & TV Services. The Seminar also featured Patrick Crowley, producer of Bourne Supremacy & Thomas Nickel of ARRI. The panel was moderated by US Editor of Screen International, Mr. Mike Goodridge.

  • OTR completes production for FedEx, shooting in Mumbai and Delhi.

  • OTR helped young filmmaker Ashwin Kumar produce his film Little Terrorist, which was nominated for an Oscar at the 2005 Academy Awards, Best Short Film Category.

  • The OTR co-produced Jan Kounen's feature documentary Darshan: The Embrace, made Official Selection at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival.

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