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ARUN - Anant Nag
Anant Nag is a highly regarded and appreciated actor. With a career spanning 30 years and 150 feature films from all regions and languages of India, Mr. Nag has worked with the likes of Shashi Kapoor, Rekha and Shabana Azmi and has appeared in films like Ankur and Kalyug. Working mostly in the state of Karnataka, where he has received five State Film Awards for his work on Kannada language films, Mr. Nag has found a niche in both art and commercial films.

LAKSHMI - Mita Vasisht
Mita Vasisht is a critically acclaimed actress whose presence lends itself well to both the art and commercial film worlds. A graduate of the National School of Drama in India, Ms. Vasisht has appeared in over 20 Hindi feature films from the avant-garde , Siddeshwri to the commercial hits, Taal and Dil Se and has shared the screen with the talents of Om Puri and Shahruhk Khan. Ms. Vasisht has a featured column in The Hindustan Times titled "Mita’s Musings" and works as a Line Producer for numerous television serials.

MAYA - Nitya Shetty
Nitya Shetty is an extraordinary 10-year old who has been acting since the age of five in Telugu language films, commercials and television serials in India. With 16 films in the last 5 years, her talent does not go unnoticed. In 1999, the state of Andhra Pradesh honored Nitya with the Best Child Actor Award for her work on Channi Channi Asa in which she portrayed a Cancer patient. Her current film, Devadu, has been highly successful and is receiving critical acclaim. Nitya, though very passionate about being an actor, hopes to become a Computer Engineer.

SANJAY - Nikhil Yadav
Nikhil Yadav has been showcased in countless Hindi commercials, print ads and television serials throughout India. Having worked on the Bollywood feature film Angaar, Nikhil hopes to continue acting and eventually become a Bollywood star like his idols Govinda and Shahruhk Khan. Nikhil, a charming 9-year old, is involved in learning Western and Classical Indian dance and enjoys drawing and playing cricket.

GANESH - Mukesh Bhat
Mukesh Bhat is a talented character actor who has appeared in countless plays, television serials and films in India. With strong roots in theater and training from LTG Repertory and Sri Ram Repertory Center in Delhi, Mr. Bhat brings a welcome comedic performance to all of his roles.

PUJARI - Virendra Saxena
Virendra Saxena is a strong presence in Hindi language films, foreign cinema, theater and television. With over 80 plays and 30 feature films in his credits, Mr. Saxena is a respected actor who has worked alongside Ismail Merchant and Shekhur Kapur and has appeared in Cotton Mary, In Custody and Split Wide Open. A graduate of the National School of Drama in India, Mr. Saxena is also an established writer and director.



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